Why this all began.

Words are exciting and powerful. They can start wars. Stop wars. Help us fall in or out of love. They heal and they hurt in equal measure. I love language and love to use it to illuminate the world around me.

I have always written, from early stories about running away, earnest teenage poetry about the state of the world, to scrappy musings about everything that puzzled or beguiled. I never took my work seriously, and was too afraid to show anyone; I focused on my career and more user friendly pastimes like gardening and my love of live music.

What changed?

Put simply, I contracted M.E.,following a bout of Tonsillitis. My career was curtailed and I felt like I’d wasted the last twenty years. It also turned out that growing vegetables,baking, walking, carousing, gigging and general raucous fun were becoming rather difficult. Pain, fatigue,and my particular favourite “brain fog” were slowly stealing my life.

Why did I go back to writing?

I started to keep a journal, mainly to vent the frustration and grief that I was feeling for my old life.This worked reasonably well and most importantly I remembered how much I loved to write on a personal basis, as well as for training and sales material.

A couple of years in to my illness, I took the plunge and began studying Creative Writing with Open College of the Arts . They are flexible (good for health) and cheap (good for wealth), they’re also pretty good at what they do, giving me enough support to grow, but enough space to breathe. I began with Writing Skills, which focused on short fiction. This course taught me a great deal about the craft of writing and about redrafting. The fragile writer’s ego had to go.

I completed the first course in just over twelve months and began the next module, The Art of Poetry. This was a major leap for me. Reading and writing poetry is something I love, but it  challenges me emotionally, and I found it hard to allow someone else to read what I had written. The feedback on my work was positive, and I found a fizz of excitement that had been missing for some time.


Thanks to Nine Arches Press Dynamo mentoring scheme, and Gerry Ryan, my first OCA tutor, I learnt about avenues for publication.  In 2018 I began submitting to poetry magazines and journals. My first poem was published in Mslexia magazine in Autumn 2018 and you’ll find other examples of my poetry in print journals like Popshot Quarterly and online at places like Words for the Wild , Salt Water Zine,   Nine Muses Poetry My happiest success to date to be longlisted in Paper Swans Press single poetry competition 2020 with my poem My death will grieve foxes (on being a hare in England).

I write short fiction and flash fiction too, with publications in places like Riggwelter Press, as well as being longlisted in the Fish short story prize for 2019.

Why did I stop formal study?

At the end of the first part of the degree, I made the decision to curtail my studies . This was twofold – partly financial, the courses are reasonable but they are not cheap, and I increasingly felt I was being “taught to the test” rather than developing as a writer. Over the last year or so I’ve take a number of short courses that have developed my tremendously, and whilst I’ll always envy people who can afford the time and money do undertake and MA or PHD in creative writing, I feel happy with how my own writing is growing. I haven’t given up on my ambition to reach the dizzy heights of Dr. though – who knows what the future may hold.

Can I buy your work?

You can! I have a zine Yes to Tigers, inspired by my work with local artists, as well as accepting commissions for bespoke poetry. Just follow the link, or email me at kathrynannawrites@gmail.com

What sort of thing is in a writer’s blog?

My blog is a curious mix of my development as a writer, and the way I’ve learnt to live with M.E.. I often think I should delete early posts, that focus very much on the frustrations of my health but this is a significant part of my life and my writing, so I feel they should stay. There isn’t masses of my poetry and short fiction on here as yet – magazines and journals like work to be previously unpublished – but this will grow as my publications increase

I also work as a copywriter, producing engaging  copy for a variety of clients on a range of subjects. If you’d like to find out more about my copywriting services, visit The Word Emporium  I’ll be happy to discuss rates, remits and show samples of my work.

Thank you so much for reading. If you’ve enjoyed my work please subscribe by pressing one of the buttons at the bottom of this post.

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