Tigers and knife angels

Images from British Ironwork Centre I did it. I went to the workshop, I participated, wrote two poems and …read them out. I’ve not been in this sort of environment since becoming ill, and I felt incredibly awkward, shy and slightly foolish (what the hell am I doing here?). Three things happened. Firstly, the fellow … Continue reading Tigers and knife angels

Year three

I'm at the start of my third year of writing "seriously" and my seventh year of having M.E.. I feel less than terrific about both of these things. If I compare to this time last year, when I was merrily writing travel pages, and confidently submitting here, there and everywhere, things feel considerably less buoyant. … Continue reading Year three

Crash bang wallop…..

.....not a picture. My first major period of p.e.m* since April. In some ways, wow, I've had a period of being pretty well, and free from being in a perpetual balancing act between living and causing damage. In other ways, fiddlesticks* I'd forgotten how horrible it is. I'll not go into detail (the worry of … Continue reading Crash bang wallop…..