Unexpected blooms

Ah, wouldn't you know it? After feeling all despondent, things have sorted out. I'm able to start Writing Short Fiction next week, and I've got a date for my mentoring with Nine Arches Press. And I wrote two things yesterday.  Sometimes a little old whinge unlocks something. Hoorah.  In case you're curious, the anemone seems … Continue reading Unexpected blooms

The pressure to be positive. 

I try to keep this blog positive. No one likes to read something that makes them miserable, and I certainly don't like to write it. Unfortunately, the danger of being positive, especially online is that an illusion of perfection is created. I don't want to do that.  M.E. is a foul thief of life. It … Continue reading The pressure to be positive. 

Who do I want to be ?

The community I live in is pretty special. I have artists, craftspeople,and musicians within a stones throw of my door . As well being incredibly handy for last minute Christmas gifts, it's been really useful to be able to talk to people who understand the weird world of trying to make a living from something … Continue reading Who do I want to be ?