Hares and Paper Swans

Do you remember my decision a couple of months ago to stop taking writing so seriously, publish stuff on here and write not ‘ just for me’ exactly, but without an eye on what I think might be good enough for publication? Since then I’ve continued studying various books, including Stephen Fry’s The Ode LessContinue reading “Hares and Paper Swans”

The power of silence

Sleep often eludes me, and the small hours can see me committing that much turned to sin of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, to distract my mind from wakeful thoughts. This ill-advised activity usually results in the purchase of a porcelain dragon, or a bargain set of food parasols, peppered with ever increasing despair. Occasionally though, thisContinue reading “The power of silence”

Ways to keep working

It’s no secret I’ve had a patch of rejections recently. It’s made me a bit gloomy, a bit petulant. As I emerge though, it’s made me seek ways to improve – and also to be kind to myself. I’ve only been submitting work for a couple of years – I’m doing ok. Not sure who’sContinue reading “Ways to keep working”

Rejections are part of all this…

repeat after me. Rejections are part of all this… However they’re dressed, not placing,we are not moving forward with work, your work is not right for us at this time, having work rejected hurts. Really. The objective side looks at the number of entries, the people who had work accepted and rationalises. The tenacious sideContinue reading “Rejections are part of all this…”

How is it the end of August?!

I mean – how is that possible? This month has meandered away under a cover of cloud. The end of summer usually makes me sad – warm weather means less pain for one thing. I miss eating outside, watching the swifts and martins overhead and the general floatiness that comes from spending every day inContinue reading “How is it the end of August?!”

A tough month or two for writing – but still a bunch of good things have happened

The last few months have been hard. Several things have combined to remove many of the anchors that keep me grounded and help me manage my anxiety. Loss of routine, plus a sense of impending threat to home, which I’ve been lucky enough to have as a safe space means many of my coping mechanismsContinue reading “A tough month or two for writing – but still a bunch of good things have happened”

EMDR published today on Fevers of the Mind

Speed post to let you know I’ve a new poem about EMDR therapy, published today on Fevers of the Mind.

The words do come back

For the first time in months I’ve woken with a poem in my head. It’s not terribly good,but it’s there, and now it’s tapped out into my noteapp waiting to be read. This year has been strange. Much of it has been taken with trying to save an old garden opposite our houses – it’sContinue reading “The words do come back”

Fallow? Or just exhausted?

I always know when my writing needs to take a back seat. My brain simply ceases to play ball. I grasp for words – and find them – but the fizzy excited feeling has faded. I’ve lost my oomph. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not writing. It means I have to turn my attention toContinue reading “Fallow? Or just exhausted?”