Creating viaducts from calico

I’ve had the best morning. My first visit as poet for Secret Severn art trail was to Both in Stitches, a collaboration between local artists Jo Clarke and Angie Silkstone. Their work is a blend of embroidery and painting and they create pieces that reflect the unique landscape of Ironbridge Gorge. This was an industrial … Continue reading Creating viaducts from calico

Cut up your words

My Poetry School course this term is Ancient Tongues and Hybrid Texts. I’m revisiting my love of Old English and exploring how I can manipulate and combine ancient and modern words to create ones. I’m fascinated by how our minds make meaning,by imprting and amalgamating despite the apparent disparity between the texts. So far, I’ve … Continue reading Cut up your words


-fidence. A curious thing. Mine hasn't completely gone, but it has burrowed down. Hibernating perhaps. The idea of confidence as a darting squirrel fits for me. Flitting around, sparkling briefly, then dashing off, spooked by a noise or image that even it isn't sure exists.   This month brings an odd state of transition. Summer … Continue reading Con

How to keep going

#Primers, #amwriting, #poetrytuesday Ah, there is a phrase about being careful what you wish for. The good news is I'm not waiting to see if I've made it on to the Primers mentoring programme. The bad news is I haven't been chosen. I'm sad, of course. No other words really. I've consoled myself by looking … Continue reading How to keep going