Bees and bursaries

Tiny hiatus this week – my course with Wendy Pratt has finished, and I’ve a small break before my next course with Poetry School starts. I’m so grateful to be able to do these – funds aren’t abundant, and poetry is definitely a luxury, but both Wendy and the Poetry School offer discounted courses that … Continue reading Bees and bursaries

Cut up your words

My Poetry School course this term is Ancient Tongues and Hybrid Texts. I’m revisiting my love of Old English and exploring how I can manipulate and combine ancient and modern words to create ones. I’m fascinated by how our minds make meaning,by imprting and amalgamating despite the apparent disparity between the texts. So far, I’ve … Continue reading Cut up your words

We’re making progress

Coo, I can’t believe it’s nearly a month since I last posted. I’ve had a decent sized paid project for most of the month, which has been enjoyable, plus a couple of smaller ones that have been a little odd; writing umpteen business descriptions for funeral companies is a somewhat challenging. I still enjoy it … Continue reading We’re making progress

Slow and occasionally steady…

January is over half-way thorough and I feel as though I've done nothing, mainly because this last week has been an enforced bed week. These weeks are incredibly dull and always a little worrying. The thought is always at the back of my mind as to whether this push will be the push to far, … Continue reading Slow and occasionally steady…

New course with The Poetry School (includes actual poems*).

I'm doing a couple of courses with The Poetry School this autumn (to keep me going while I save for the next part of my degree) and I thought I'd invite you to join in with reading my work and feeding back. I've always been irritated by having so little actual work on here (no … Continue reading New course with The Poetry School (includes actual poems*).