Hares and Paper Swans

Do you remember my decision a couple of months ago to stop taking writing so seriously, publish stuff on here and write not ‘ just for me’ exactly, but without an eye on what I think might be good enough for publication? Since then I've continued studying various books, including Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less … Continue reading Hares and Paper Swans


I'm so excited, I've had a poem published in the autumn issue of Mslexia magazine. Since I'm currently in the middle of a field (again) at End of the Road festival, I can't give lots of detail but suffice to say I'm thrilled. I'll do a longer post when I get back, but I couldn't … Continue reading Published

Futuristic zombie poems* and some new friends**………

July seems to be as positive as June. I'm delighted to have been invited to work on another major project with Big Star Copywriting. I was feeling pretty low about my health and circumstance at the start of the year, so naturally having my commercial writing sought out, and getting good feedback is a big … Continue reading Futuristic zombie poems* and some new friends**………

Looking up

I've learnt a lot from my feedback for assignment three of Writing Short Fiction. It wasn't as glowing as previous feedback, and looking back through what I had submitted I can see why. You may remember from previous posts that I've been struggling with everything lately. In hindsight I should have taken a break earlier, … Continue reading Looking up