Being bold

My favourite pieces to produce are the ones I just write. These are the ones that come out in a big old rush of emotion, driven by anger or sadness or even joy. These are the times when I have a feeling of having to write something, rather than working towards a prompt or structure.These … Continue reading Being bold

More good things…….

Two good weeks in a row ? How can it be ? Whilst my health has been a little tricksy this week ( I had to cancel my outing to Wenlock Books and being upright has been less than consistent) I have had a positive week. To an outsider thinking positively when you have a … Continue reading More good things…….

Try again. Fail better.

  Oh my, two steps forward eighty-seven back. I started a post last week about how positive and invigoratedĀ  I felt following the poetry workshop with Bare Fiction. I didn't finish it, but I wish I had because right now I could do with remembering how it felt to feel positive and invigorated. I've had … Continue reading Try again. Fail better.