A few English haiku about faking bravery on the back of a vespa in Saigon

Exactly what the title says. Hope you enjoy them. If you get to the end there's a short poem about a journey on an ox cart too. Haiku after faking bravery on the back of a Vespa in Saigon My helmet alertsI am tourist, in lettersand mew fear of death. A thousand thousanddrawn to this … Continue reading A few English haiku about faking bravery on the back of a vespa in Saigon


One of the most curious things about my anxiety disorder is the way it alters when things are really bad. My limited science brain thinks it must be adrenaline taking over – perhaps protecting me from really feeling the intensity of panic. That’s not to say I’m not afraid. I am, like we all are. … Continue reading Safety

Tigers and knife angels

Images from British Ironwork Centre I did it. I went to the workshop, I participated, wrote two poems and …read them out. I’ve not been in this sort of environment since becoming ill, and I felt incredibly awkward, shy and slightly foolish (what the hell am I doing here?). Three things happened. Firstly, the fellow … Continue reading Tigers and knife angels

I submit…

Lots and lots of submissions sent today, it's a funny mix of happy excitement (they might accept) and nervous negativity (they might not) but the good far outweighs the bad. Having work accepted for publication validates it somehow; it moves beyond just being liked by kind friends, and into something that is valued by people … Continue reading I submit…